Tebec to host first Micro-Monde Games

Tebec Government Press Release 20020731

31 July 2002

Today, it has been announced by the MMCS that the first ever Micro-Monde Games will be held in the Tebec city of Los-Antreal. Los Antreal bet out its sole rival in the bid, Jacksonvatta, which withdrew its bid according to UBR officials. The games will take place from October 07, 2002 to October 18, 2002. The Tebec Sports Commission has released the preliminary schedule of events, which is subject to change of course. It can be viewed at:


Massive renovations are being funded by the Tebec and Amerada government to the Los Antreal sports facilities, such as the Tebec Football Stadium, that will need major reconstruction to accommodate the events. Questions on this matter can be directed towards the Department of Public Services.

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