Tebec to Represent Self at Intermicronational Conference

The Tebec Government announced today that it has been permitted by the federal government in Amerada to represent itself in the Delvenus Convention, taking place in Delvenus. This convention is designed to promote peaceful relations and economic ties between the attending nations.

Tebec received an invitation from the convening authority of the conference yesterday and jumped on the chance to attend. Part of the Tebec Government’s mandate is to further the Tebec economy, which right now is based largely around one industry – mining.

This marks the first time that a colony in Amerada has been permitted to participate independently from the federal authorities in an international event. Government authorities in Tebec were glad to see that the federal government is starting to respect the rights of colonies to go out into the world and make their own friends and sign their own agreements to improve their standing, both politically and economically.

It is not yet known whether or not Amerada will send its own representative to the convention. The federal foreign affairs office received its invitation to the convention earlier this evening.

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