Tentative Agreement in place to hand control of Skyline back to Alexander

Last week, Politikan President Silby seized control of the Apollo Skyline’s main website from its owner, and longtime micronational media guru, Scott Alexander. The seizure of the Skyline proved to be a major mistake by Silby as it gave his enemies lots of fire power to discredit the recent leaps and bounds Politika has made in fixing its intermicronational reputation. However, Silby did guarantee that he would return the Skyline to Alexander in due time and that the site’s archives would not be deleted, even though he was tempted to delete the site for publishing what he considered inaccurate stories about his and Politika’s activities. The transfer of the Skyline’s main site to the control of its rightful owner will be complete in approximately 48 hours.

President Silby said that his seizure of the Skyline was a good thing for the micronational world, citing that it caused the so-called Radio Free Skyline (under the control of Alexander), to double its activity and that at no time did he plan to destroy the Skyline, as “reducing the number of independent [media] outlets would be highly contradictory [to combating the lack of media alternatives].”

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