The Atteran population boom

This month has been a busy month for the Atteran Immigrations Authority (AIA), as there has been a sudden boom in population within the Solomonic Empire. The first to arrive was Ras Eoin who was then followed by Gerazmatch Matias, Ras Johanns and Dejazmatch Benjamin.

Ras Eoin, who burst on the Atteran scene, immediately stated his intention to run for the Prime Minister’s post which he held during the Atteran Federation. Ras Eoin is now representing Argaal in the GEC and will be helping with boosting Atteran media and communications efforts along with recruitment of new citizens.

Gerazmatch Matias, from Denmark, sent in his application to the AIA and was awarded a fief and rank, but when several attempts at communicating with him by e-mail failed his position was forfeited.

Ras Johanns, the King of Cranda and the Foreign Minister from the United Kingdom of Arminy, also requested Atteran citizenship and he was given Makonnia to represent in the GEC and has been made the Chief Diplomat within the Atteran Empire. With this portfolio, His Majesty, the Emperor who began a push to increase the Solomonic Empire’s diplomatic connections, will bring aboard Ras Johanns and work closely with him to reach out to even more micronations.

Dejazmatch Benjamin, the newest citizen, has been given the Imperial High Judge and Imperial Defence Minister portfolio and will be given direction by His Majesty as to how to reform the Crimson Order which has been in a state of flux since the Iraq deployment.

As more events occur and these new citizens become more integrated into Atteran society, we will examine some of their personal viewpoints on the Atteran Empire and micronationalism as a whole.

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