The Delvenus Convention

Press Release 200205062

06 May 2002

The Tebec Government has received permission from the federal government to send a representative to the Delvenus Convention that is beginning in the near future. The purpose of this convention is to promote relations between nations, including economic and diplomatic.

The Tebec Government will be represented by the Premier, Liam Sinclair, in this convention and according to the Department of Intergovernmental Affairs, Tebec will be attending to discuss economic ties with nations outside of Amerada. The government is devoted to the economic well being of Tebec in their party platform and this is a positive opportunity to further that cause.

It is unclear whether or not the Federal government will send its own separate representative or ask Mr. Sinclair to take Amerada needs into consideration as well during this conference. Mr. Sinclair has stated that he will negotiate what is best for Tebec above what is best for Amerada if he is asked to take Amerada into consideration during these talks.

It is widely seen as an achievement in colonial rights within Amerada as Tebec is given the power to determine its own relations outside of Amerada.

– The Department of Information

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