The end of South Mondesia

South Mondesia’s most prominent citizen, Peter Little, is perhaps most infamous for his poor spelling skills exhibited during his short micronational participation. Joining the community in 2001 through the Republic of Camerica, a predecessor of South Mondesia that Mr. Little founded, he would take an interest in recreational warfare and intelligence gathering. That interest would blossom into a failed attempt at infiltrating a foreign government, an attempt that would quickly trigger the final deadly-blow to South Mondesia.

His infiltration undertaking was directed at the Republic of Baracão, a Cuban-themed micronation, and one that had a less-than-friendly past with Mr. Little. Specifically, Mr. Little attempted to gain entry to its military command centre in a mission authorised by the South Mondesian government, of which Mr. Little was a high-ranking member. This authorisation would provoke a strong response by the Baracãoans upon their detection of the infiltration attempt.

The Baracãoan response came just days following the failed attempt in June 2002, and consisted of a campaign aimed at Mr. Little on a personal level. Under the guise of “Crusher,” a username created at the Mondesian forums by Baracãon intelligence, a campaign was launched that crushed Mr. Little’s morale through the hacking of South Mondesia’s web assets and threats against Mr. Little’s family in the United Kingdom (where high-ranking Baracãoans resided as well).

The first hacking was aimed at the South Mondesian forums, which were vandalised and subsequently changed to give the appearance that South Mondesia was a part of the Republic of Amerada (a poor attempt by the Baracãoans to frame one of Mondesia’s historic rivals). After each attack, Mr. Little would be forced to fix any damage, in what was arguably a lost cause as the Baracãoans would then hack the forums again and repeat the process. The South Mondesia website was also deleted from the Internet, destroying a key part of the micronation’s infrastructure and history.

The hackings brought condemnation from throughout the community, but much of that condemnation was superficial as Baracão was a friend to most of the significant micronations of the day. In the end, Mr. Little had his will to participate in micronations destroyed (primarily because of the threats against the safety of his family members) and quickly left the community. He left South Mondesia’s Micronational Cartography Society world map territory to the Imperial Republic of Shireroth and its Micro-Monde territory to the Kingdom of Pups Country. Scott Alexander, who presented a lecture on the history of Communism in the Anglophone micronational community in October 2002, quipped, “nice victory for the big Baracãoans … using illegal and unethical methods to harass and break a fourteen year old kid.”1

Internet Protocol comparisons performed following the attack, as well as independent investigations, pointed towards two suspects: Dafydd Young and “Uncle Damn,” his brother, both of whom were high-ranking Baracãoans.

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