The End of the Novasolum Regional Community

The Novasolum Regional Community was founded in 2005 as a result of efforts led by John Darcy and Freddy Warren, two prominent Anthelians. The Community quickly became one of the most successful intermicronational organisations in the Anglophone Simulationist Community’s history. This would not last. A series of internal conflicts involving some of the partner micronations would eventually lead to the disintegration of the Community: firstly, the diplomatic distrust that formed between Alexandria and Anthelia; secondly, the mistreatment of Natopia by its fellow Novasolum partners; and finally, the standoff between Gotzborg and Paulovia that resulted from Anthelia seeking annexation by the former. It was this standoff that served as the “last straw” for Novasolum, after which the Community effectively ceased to exist as a multilateral partnership.

The Parties – in terms of Novasolum

The Empire of the Alexandrians, known as Madland when founded in 2002, was the centre of democracy in Novasolum, with a thriving elected Parliament. It was also the military power of the Regional Community, and known for being an active “hands-on” player in shaping intermicronational security and diplomacy. The Empire was widely respected throughout the intermicronational community, and considered one of its leaders. With Gotzborg, it represented the vast majority of the citizenry of Novasolum.

The Republic of Anthelia was founded in 2004 by John Darcy, and catapulted onto the intermicronational stage by Freddy Warren, in April 2005, with his famed “Warren Communiqué,” which revived activity in the micronation and attracted new citizens. Both Darcy and Warren would establish themselves as highly-respected micronationalists in the Anglophone Simulationist Community, and were the guiding forces behind the creation of the Treaty that ultimately formed the successful Novasolum Regional Community.

The Kingdom of Gotzborg came to the Internet micronational community in March 2004 under the guidance of its founder and king, August Charles II. Under his guidance, the Kingdom quickly became one of the most respected, developed and active micronations in the community, renowned for its diplomatic soundness and fairness. Its highly-successful and strong economy saw it become the centre of the Novasolum Regional Community’s market, and it played a leading role in the leadership of NovaPol, the Community’s policing partnership.

The Kingdom of Paulovia debuted on the Internet in 2005 under the leadership of Prince Paul, having previously been an offline experience, much like Gotzborg. Paulovia emulated the attention to detail that Gotzborg had debuted with and both micronations quickly became friends and allies. While never able to attract more than its original offline population, Paulovia managed to create a successful micronational presence through its active diplomacy, spearheaded by Ambassador James.

First Conflicts in Novasolum

The four aforementioned micronations, together with the Sovereign Empire of Natopia, formed the Novasolum Regional Community (the “Community”). The Novasolum Regional Community, which came into existence in 2005 under the Treaty of Novasolum, was a close-knit group of micronations that strived for the creation of a common economic and political continental partnership (first on the Micras world map, and later on the Giess world map).

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