The Free Republic Invades Tymaria to Reclaim Lost Land

The Free Republic (FFR) has invaded Tymaria in order to reclaim the Free Republic state. Only weeks ago, the FFR seceded from Tymaria, but it let half of the Free Republic’s land remain in Tymaria since a pro-Tymar faction within the FR wouldn’t permit the FR to be removed entirely from Tymaria.

On May 21, 2002, Consul Eddie Guimont of the FFR announced that the FFR Legion had entered Tymaria to reclaim the pro-Tymar Free Republic. This is the first major test of the Tymarian Defence Forces since the Locke affair back in April. General Raglan, the CDS of the TDF, quickly responded to the invasion by denouncing it and ordering the TDF to a status of high alert.

It was initially believed that Baracao, which is a communist nation containing the citizens of the FFR, would be joining in the war on Tymaria, and for a moment, the Baracao Minister of Defence echoed this. However, the leader of Baracao, William Howard, has reportedly announced that his troops will not join in the war against Tymaria. The FFR has also announced that it will only respond in self defence, and judging from the fact that Tymaria itself is a defensive nation, this means that there may not be any actual fighting in this war.

Baracao’s reported neutrality in this war has been taken as a sigh of relief in Pacary. Pacary has a military alliance with Baracao and would be forced to take action against Tymaria should Baracao do so. Chancellor Dieleman of Pacary announced his intention to dissolve the alliance treaty with Baracao in order to avoid a war with Tymaria, only if the citizens of Pacary voted to do so.

Pacary’s Minister of Defence, Liam Sinclair, has stated that even though he doesn’t wish to fight Tymaria, he will not hesitate to do so, if war should come. He continued to say that it as his duty as a soldier of Pacary to carry out his duty in defence of the values of its citizenry no matter how much he did not want to attack the target of Pacary’s declaration of war. Peter Little, who has served with and under Mr. Sinclair in the TDF does not understand this concept of duty and honour in military affairs and quickly denounced Mr. Sinclair for following the two most important concepts of any military job.

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