The Genevan Arrow restarts publishing

Geneva, Alexandria; The Genevan Arrow – The state newspaper, the Genevan Arrow, has reopened its doors to the Alexandrian and intermicronational public once more after a long hiatus from the micronational blogsphere. The Genevan Arrow went into abandonment after the staff of the newspaper deserted it. The Genevan Arrow is a direct descendant of the former Imperial media giant, the Alexandrian Broadcasting and Communications Corporation, or ABCC. The ABCC changed its name to the Genevan Arrow on November 17th, 2005.

“The Genevan Arrow is part of our nation’s history, and we should continue to keep operating it not only as a medium for the news publishing, but for recording our nation’s history,” said His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Edgard II.

In other news…

Alexandrians debate whether the Empire is a “world power”

Emperor forgets parliamentary elections due for April!

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