The Inactivity Plague Strikes Micro-Monde

This week has seen gross inactivity amongst the nations that are located on Micro-Monde. New Macadam, Amerada, and North Mondesia have been almost completely inactive. New Macadam’s senate has passed a few bills on the 05th of this month but nothing has really happened since. In Amerada, things have been so dead that President Washburn has reportedly been using fake login names to boost his popularity on the Amerada Ezboard threads and to keep the place active. If President Washburn wasn’t talking to and flattering himself at the Ezboard, Amerada would be dead…completely. The silence also seems to be driving Washburn insane as he has become even more erratic, he even thought he was God and was condemning other Ameradians to Hell for most of the 08th of February. North Mondesia is dead because, quite frankly, its leader does nothing in micronations anymore!

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