The New Pendronia-Gotzborg Family

© 2004 Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg. All Rights Reserved. Originally published in The Gotzborg Eagle, reproduced under license to Sinclair Publications.

Lopendo Palace, Pendronia (GP) – In a joint signing ceremony held at Lopendo Palace in Pendronia, King August Charles II of Gotzborg and Pendronia’s own King Steven I DeBlood issued a Joint Royal Decree effectively creating Pendronia as an Archduchy within the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg.

“This is a historic day for both nations,” the King commented. “Today, both Gotzborg and Pendronia are combining their talents, histories and directions in order to better pursue a continued existence in a world where all too often nations fall into inactivity and die.”

“Pendronia’s history is too rich and too valuable to simply lose to time, its important to maintain that pride and tradition within Gotzborg,” said Professor H. Cullen of the King’s College in Pendronia.

The unification will see all active Pendronian citizens granted immediate citizenship in Gotzborg with all inactive Pendronian citizens able to gain their citizenships if so desired. Also merging into Gotzborg society will be His Grace Nicholas, Duke of Westhin who by decree will be made Duke of Stathearn in Gotzborg to recognize past contributions to Pendronia.

“Both Steven and myself felt that it was important that Nicholas be recognized for his great contributions to Pendronia over the last two years, of which he has been Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs,” said August Charles of Nicholas. “It simply wouldn’t have been fair or encouraging to any Pendronian coming to Gotzborg to have to start all over again after investing so much time and effort into Pendronia. Those who have contributed shall be recognized.”

Also in the Decree the Pendronian Order of the Bison and Order of the Green Chalice will be joining the existing Gotzborg orders. All Pendronian peerages, while still being recognized will no longer be considered ‘landed’ peerages and will be title only. All Pendronian peerages not currently used will be held in abeyance.

Pendronian forum will be retained however will be put into archive and while it will remain accessible, persons will be unable to post. The Pendronian website will as well be retained as an archival unit of the Archduchy of Pendronia.

Whilst changes will begin to happen over the next two weeks, the official impact date of this major event is officially January 1st, 2005.

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