The Standard Announces New Partnership with Apollo Inquisitor

In a landmark agreement, Sinclair Publications has gained a significant interest in the MZM Media Group while making the famed Inscriptvs Media Group (owners of and its related services) a key partner in its own operations. The agreement will also diversify the Standard’s coverage as it will front articles from the Apollo Inquisitor and Football Fever publication.

The agreement came after discussions between Iain de Vembria, the founder of Inscriptvs, and Liam Sinclair of Sinclair Publications. In those discussions, it was decided that the future of micronational news reporting lies in consolidation of resources into a strong intermicronational news publication. In return for a 49% share in Sinclair Publications, the parent company of the Coprieta Standard, de Vembria relinquished his majority control over Inscriptvs Media Group (IMG), reducing his share in the entity to 45% while Sinclair’s share increased to 35%.

Sinclair Publications also took over the Inscriptvs portion of shares in the MZM Media Group, founded by Lachlan Powers who is the third co-owner of the IMG dynasty. Under an agreement, the historic Apollo Inquisitor, and Football Fever that provides news relating to micronational football/soccer, both of which are news publications maintained by MZM, will publish articles under the Coprieta Standard flag.

In a brief statement, Sinclair, who serves as senior editor of the Standard, stated that the move benefits readers of the two publications by providing increased diversity that the two publications would otherwise not achieve by themselves. De Vembria echoed those sentiments, stating that “the Apollo Inquisitor welcomes the investment of Sinclair Publications and views the partnership as a return to its roots as a leading micronational journal. Working with Football Fever will also mean the return of quality sports reporting throughout the summer.”

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