The Third Crimson Constitution

Report by Ras Anderson.

HH Ras Anderson, along with several other Atteran nobles, has made changes to the draft of the Third Crimson Constitution , and added clauses proclaiming HIH Ras Diga Makonnen IV as the new Emperor of Attera under the name of Mik’el Tzion. The Emperor will be granted powers to similar to those formerly held by the Prime Minister, but slightly more expansive.

The office of Prime Minister has become more of a second-in-command position, carrying out many previous roles but with certain new curtailments, the biggest of which is the fact that the Emperor can override the Prime Minister at any time. Also, the Prime Minister is now chosen as part of the cabinet by the Emperor, as opposed to being popularly elected. The GEC can still recall the Prime Minister by a no-confidence vote, however.

The GEC is also going to undergo some changes. The membership of the GEC is based upon appointment by the Emperor, and the GEC will now be subject to having its bills and measures reviewed by the new General Assembly, the resurrected lower house of the Yezawd Derg. This new lower house will have the power to review and veto bills passed by the GEC.

The GEC passed the Constitution with an overwhelming 3 votes in favour to 1 opposed. Ras Dabe I was the only Imperial Ras to protest the constitution, citing that the powers of the emperor were, in his opinion, too broad.

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