“The True Winner Is Madland” – Referendum approves Union

Geneva, Madland; MBCC News – His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, in his first press conference after winning the referendum regarding the Union with Antica, initially thanked the Madlandian people that faithfully voted in the referendum because of its great demonstraton of faith and democratic will, tolerance, harmony and will to make things better in Madland and said that “the great winner of this referendum was Madland”.

The State Electoral Commission (SEC) announced officially today that the referendum was unanimous with almost all of the Madlandian citizens voting in favor of uniting with Antica. There was no strong opposition to the vote, although it was thought that the Burning Torches Party would oppose the vote due to its ultranationalist leanings.

His Imperial Majesty said that he recieved congratulations from all over the micronational world for the results obtained in the referendum from both allies and foes alike.

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