This Week in Gotzborg

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This Week in Gotzborg…
· The Royal Bank of Commerce was established this past week. See below for news on the new Chief Officer.
· Spring session of the University opens shortly with two offerings: a repeat of the Law course offered last year and a new history course titled ‘Modern Atteran History’. Registration has commenced, with classes beginning near the end of the month.
· Gotzborg has a new Atteran Ambassador, HSIH Mik’el Tzion I.

Congratulations to…
· Sir David Roest on being recently awarded the Cross for Loyal Service from HRM August Charles II. Sir David recently stepped down from his position of Vice-Minister of State, Home Office due to other time commitments.
· Sir Liam Sinclair who has been appointed the new Minister of State, Home Office.
· Lady Angel Davis on her appointment to Chief Officer of the Royal Bank of Commerce.

And Elsewhere…
· Sullifree: The Principality of Sullifree held their first elections on April 30, 2005 and elected Daniel Dye as Premier… Sir Christopher Harris-Till proposed a new Treaty of Mutual Recognition between Gotzborg and the Principality of Sullifree. The Treaty is currently being voted on in the Sullifree Parliament.
· Alexandria: The Empire of Alexandria celebrated their 3rd Anniversary on May 7 with great festivities and celebrations… Emperor Edgard II of Alexandria declared Monsieur Gordon Prime Minister after emergency elections were called in late-April… Alexandria has also acquired the former San Marino provinces of Las Cruces, Los Santos and Ponce.
· Babka: Talmaseb Shah abdicated as Shahanshah of Babka on May 6 in order to assume the role of Shahan-Ri of the Grand Commonwealth. Ardashir has assumed the throne of Babka.
· Shireroth: Renee has been elected into the Praetorial position…Bill Dusch is the new Minister of Military Affairs.
· The Grand Commonwealth: Lachlan Powers has been elected Taoiseach.

The above list represents a sampling of events from May 1 – May 11 2005 and may not be a complete list of key events. If you have an event or announcement you would like mentioned, contact Princess Julia in the Kingdom of Gotzborg.

Princess Julia

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