Three-way race for First Consul heats up

Geneva, Alexandria; Genevan Arrow – The race for First Consul has now consolidated into a three-way race between Conservative Speaker Juan Ciervo, AAP Leader Jean Carmicheal, and Independent Member of Parliament Frédérique Lacoste. With the electoral calendar appropriately amended to allow for campaigning during this holiday season, Speaker Ciervo and Carmicheal have respectively kicked off their campaigns in familiar territory that serves the backbone of their electoral constituencies. Yesterday, Jean Carmicheal set off his campaign in the AAP stronghold of Valenciennes, while Ciervo kicked off his campaign in Conservative Rio Grande (home to retiring Conservative incumbent Jose Frias) five days earlier. Lacoste has yet to initiate campaigning, remaining quiet so far.

Both leading candidates are attempting to establish clear plans to address the current activity crisis besieging Alexandria, which brought a snap parliamentary election that begins tomorrow. In his campaign kick-off speech in Rio Grande, Ciervo outlined a specific multi-phased plan to establish an economy and introduce a campaign finance element to spur economic activity by harnessing politics. He also spoke about establishing posting requirements for government officials to help the nation come out of its inactivity. “By requiring a weekly minimum posting, Alexandria will be able to combat the plague of inactivity and begin to function once more. To do my part in this fight, I pledge to post no less than 15 times a week,” said Ciervo. Carmicheal, several days later, commended Ciervo in his election opening speech, but called his economic proposal “defunct” and proceeded to explain his own economic proposal. Carmicheal’s proposal included the creation of a central bank and a national stock exchange to be placed under the control of the Office of Simulation and Government Accountability. Carmicheal also addressed provincial matters, by advocating for the creation of a French Sector Parliament, and encouraging the development of culture in the nation. Both candidates focused on their desire to work across party lines to get things done, which is an about face after the Frias Government, which was often confrontational in Parliament.

Sources state that a debate between all three candidates might come as early as next week. The debate will be carried over three days, with each day devoted to one set of issues such as the economy, activity, and a day in which a different range of issues will be discussed. Alexandrian participation in the developing CENTMO mapping organization is “sure to make it into the final day in at least a question or two,” stated an ABCC source speaking in anonymity. Inside sources have confirmed that both Ciervo and Carmicheal have confirmed their attendance. Lacoste has not replied to the offer as of yet.

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