Time Lord de Vembria Orders July/August 2007 to be Forgotten

In what has become a sad story regarding one man and his inability to accept that the Grand Commonwealth has lost all but one of its members, Iain de Vembria has ordered that the Commonwealth world revert to June 24, 2007 and that all events after that date be dismissed. The Grand Commonwealth forums were recently hit with an outage and all data posted after the June date was lost.

In a statement to the Micronations.net administration team, de Vembria stated that “[the Grand Commonwealth] is cutting our losses (in reference to the lost data) and resuming from that date.” According to de Vembria, as a result, the United Baronies secession that was approved by the Majlis-i-Dharma on July 29 is negated as record of the secession was lost. That requires the Commonwealth’s Majlis-i-Dharma to pass the secession bill again.

The Baronies’ Grand Baron, Liam Sinclair, was quick to dismiss any notion that the micronation was still a member of the Grand Commonwealth noting, “The basis of [de Vembria’s] claim is that the Grand Commonwealth forum outage … means that the event of the missing two months (July and August records) officially never happened. The Baronial Government finds this assertion laughable and pathetic – Sir Iain does not command time and cannot order that two months of history simply be forgotten due to a localized data loss.” In his statement, the Grand Baron called his micronation’s secession “a well-established fact of the historical record,” and noted that his government would not “tolerate any suggestion that a localized data loss negates the secession.”

De Vembria defended his attempt to ignore historical decisions to the Micronations.net administration team, claiming that he was attempting to “recover historical documents for the record from their original source.” The claim of honourable intentions was met with scepticism given that a single missing historical document (in this case the Secession of the United Baronies Act, which was lost to the server crash) does not invalidate a documented historical event from the record.

In the Majlis-i-Dharma, de Vembria’s attempts to claim that the United Baronies was still a member of the Grand Commonwealth were dismissed by Extreme of Karnali who noted, “A forum outage does not make [the United Baronies] members again.” Also claimed by de Vembria to still be members of the Grand Commonwealth, despite secession announcements to the contrary by respective populations, are the micronations of Babkha, Treithar, and Oscland.

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