Treesia Stays On the Ball

Treesian team the Halberd Harriers will continue doing its bit for international sporting relations when it takes part in the 6th KAFL season later this month.

The Royal Anelkan Football League (KAFL) is an international football tournament held twice a year in the German Kingdom of Anelka. The Halberd Harriers have already participated in 4 previous seasons of the KAFL, coming a respectable 3rd, 6th, 3rd and 4th respectively.

The only other team from the English micronational community that has been participating in the KAFL is Babkha’s own Vayelon Firewolves, the performance of which has drastically declined from 2nd and 1st to 6th and 13th. However, they will also be back this time in an attempt to recover their reputation.

The Halberd Harriers are also involved in another German league this month, managing FC Lüderitz II in Ratelon’s 2nd Union League. Following a slow start, the team has achieved 3rd place at time of press, with just under half of the championship to go.

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