Trinovantium Announces Grant Scheme

The Federal Republic of Trinovantium is moving forward with the implementation of its Governmental Territorial Grant Scheme, a program that will reward its citizens with currency based on post count and advertisement of the micronation at the forums.

The operation of the grant system is largely focused on currency and the ability to develop your own state within the Federal Republic. Upon grant of citizenship, a new Trinovantian is placed in charge of one of fifty-eight “free states” located on the micronation’s Geiss world map territory. For each post a citizen makes to the national forums, he/she is rewarded with Staters (the national currency) which can then be used to purchase a number of different settlements for addition to the Free State.

These settlements range from a shantytown that would cost 50 Staters to build, to a “booming metropolis” at a cost of 500 Staters. At the highest category of “constant contributor,” a Trinovantian would need to start ten new topics to achieve the level of wealth needed for a metropolis, or post twenty-five replies.

The grants will only be issued so long as the government finds that a post is “necessary,” according to the micronation’s Chancellor. He also noted that any attempts to secede a Free State from the micronation would be “savagely crushed.”

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