Tuong Retains Presidency in Amoria

President Hieu Tuong of the Democratic Party has retained the presidency in the United States of Amoria, a micronation modelled after the macronational United States of America. The election which began on March 8 is set to officially conclude on March 18; however, it is widely expected that Tuong has secured his second term in office with current results showing him having 87.5% of vote support. His Republican Party opponent, Ryan McPherson, in comparison, has received only one vote in the election.

Tuong campaigned on an economically-based platform, promising to bring a phpBank online for Amoria, as well as create a casino. The President’s economic platform is further geared towards creating a “well-based and secure national economy” under free market conditions. Also a major platform policy is his commitment to create a constitutional convention which will be engaged to develop a framework for the structure of the micronation’s government.

McPherson, on the other hand, focused his campaign on the promotion of state-rights and a greater foreign affairs capacity for Amoria. Advocating state-rights, McPherson promised to introduce legislation that would respect a state’s right to impose its own laws, though the federal congress would retain the ability to object to a law, providing reasonable grounds exist. McPherson would also bring together the governors for annual meetings to discuss state needs and approve federal funding for various initiatives at the state-level. Also advocating increased activity in the development of foreign relations, McPherson committed to increase the strength of the armed forces so that Amoria could support its new-found allies.

There is no set term length for the President of Amoria, though Tuong is expected to serve at least two months given a recent informal vote (Editor’s Note: the Standard isn’t quite sure if it was formal as no actual end to the vote was ever declared) in the Senate where a presidential term of that long was favoured by a large majority of members.

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