Two new Bills greet the GEC

HIH Ras Diga IV today tabled two bills to the Grand Executive Council for approval. The bills will bring changes to the Atteran Ezboard as well as restart the economy. These are the first bills to be tabled in the GEC since the Second Crimson Constitution was dissolved.

Bill# 01-081902, as it is officially known, deals with forum consolidation. The purpose of this bill is to empower the Minister of the Interior to delete and merge forums at the board that see little or no activity. It will also allow the Minister to archive older threads. The bill is hoped to have a major impact on Atteran foreign image as it will reopen all forums at the Atteran ezboard, with the exception of one forum which will be kept secure for Atteran internal business. The designer of the current Atteran Ezboard’s esthetics, Liam Sinclair, will be working on a new look as well for the board in the coming weeks.

The other bill tabled is bill# 02-081902, regarding Atteran economic policy. This bill outlines several key points for the restart of the Atteran economy. Among these points will be that the Atteran economy will use the resources on the MCS map, and each citizen will be permitted to open one business, free of charge, based on those resources. Additional businesses open by a citizen will incur a 200 Silver Atterbruck fee. Citizens of Attera may hire non-Atterans to work in their businesses, who will be known as immigrant workers and all such workers will have the opportunity to apply for Atteran citizenship. All businesses will be subject to a monthly audit by the government, which is no doubt a
result of recent macro-national events regarding corporations in the United States of America. There will be a 10% business tax on all goods produced, payable to the Atteran government, in addition to the taxes of local governments. The bill goes on to state that the government will establish a bank, a stock market, and will make all trade agreements with other micronations.

Many weeks ago, the Prime Minister, Ras Anderson, was asked to contact the ICEO on listing the Atterbruck on the exchange, however, Attera has yet to here any such news on how this idea is progressing. The overall economic plan, which will be integrated into this bill in due course, is currently under development by HIH Ras Diga IV, who is to be commended for his active service to Attera despite being on deployment with the United States Army at this time.

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