Tymaria May be Getting New States Soon

The MFP reported not too long ago that South Mondesia was on its way to joining Tymaria. During the war with Amerada, South Mondesia became a self-governing territory of Shireroth, a state in Tymaria. The Prime Minister of South Mondesia, Peter Little, who is also a citizen of Tymaria, has introduced a new bill in the House of Peoples that, if passes, will see Tymaria annex South Mondesia either into its own state, or merge it with Shireroth (whose monarch, Kaiser Gaelen II, is SM’s head of state). This move has been coming for quite some time, in SM, the House of Provinces failed to pass the agreement and are deadlocked on the issue. This is the supposed reason for the Prime Minister’s bill in Tymaria. Tymaria, after losing the Attera Federation states back in January 2002 and is in the process of losing Jasonia, now seems to be rebounding as South Mondesia, and the UBR (who want good ties with South Mondesia – they never wanted to be in the war they were forced into because of the GMA) wish to become new entities in Tymaria. Minister of Defence for Tymaria, Marshal Sinclair, and Prime Executive Rhode have both given their full support to the two nations in their endeavour to join the Union.

Early reports indicate that Tymaria may gain up to half a dozen active/semi-active new citizens from South Mondesia and another 2 to 3 semi-active citizens from the UBR. Tymaria, which like any other nation, has suffered an out migration problem (mainly since the TYSOG incident in January), has become less and less active and these new citizens could be what is needed to relieve the strain on citizens who hold many different jobs and in the end, make Tymaria more active.

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