Tymarian Election Season Underway

Tymaria is holding its third election since its creation in October 2001 this month. An election has been held for the position of Prime Executive, and the contest for the speaker of the House of Peoples will get underway shortly.

The Prime Executorial elections concluded on July 04/2002 while many of the American populace of Tymaria were celebrating the national holiday, Independence Day. The candidates who were running for the most powerful position in the nation were Tony Au, Nick the Yardistani, and Chris Donle. Au was the favored candidate to win the election and he did not disappoint his supporters. The elections results gave Au a victory with 53% of the vote, or 8 out of the 15 ballots cast. In a close second was Nick with 5 votes, no doubt most of them cast by his fellow citizens of Shireroth. Donle finished with just 2 votes in his favour.

One of Au’s major planned reforms for Tymaria is to compress the government. He, as others, feels that the large government of Tymaria is not necessary as most positions go unfilled. He said that he is considering merging the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education and Research as well as possibly doing away with the Ministry of Justice altogether. He also plans to get rid of useless governmental positions.

Now that Au is the prime executive, Tymaria’s third, he can no longer be speaker of the House of Peoples when he is sworn into office on July 11/2002. Election Commissioner Nick Raglan called elections for the speaker position on July 07/2002. Shortly after announcing the election, Raglan resigned his position and appointed Scott Alexander to the post of election commissioner. Raglan is (at the time of this publication), the only candidate in the running for the speaker’s post, as was widely expected

The election for speaker will commence on July 08/2002 and end on July 15/2002. It is widely hoped that the new faces in the positions of power in Tymaria will make some valuable reforms to turn the nation into a more productive member of the micronational world.

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