Tymarian Executorial Campaign Heating Up

With Austi Scot likely to be impeached, he won’t be running again for PE any time soon. The elections are less than a month away and so far there are four candidates: Jason Steffke, Daniel Dreesbach, Chancellor Rhode, and Ras Dabe. In the coming editions, the LATJ will outline their platforms as they have not all announced a definite platform. The electoral commissioner is Peter Little and he has been conducting random opinion polls. So far, almost 50% of those polled support Jason for the PE. However, now that Chancellor Rhode has thrown his hat in the ring, things are sure to heat up between the PE hopefuls.

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Liam Sinclair
Owner/Senior Editor. One of the longest-serving micronational journalists, Sinclair started reporting in 2001. His work has since been recognized by several community awards.
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