United Bobessian Republic Apologizes to South Mondesia

After nearly a week of negotiations, the UBR and South Mondesia have reached a peace deal. The UBR had wanted a piece of land in South Mondesia to control as a part of the treaty, but this proved harder to get than they thought. After laying claim to the piece of land, South Mondesia withdrew from the discussions citing that it would not re-enter the talks until the UBR withdrew its claim on sovereign South Mondesian territory. On March 04, the UBR withdrew the controversial demand and talks resumed later that day.

The terms of the deal is that the UBR will offer a public apology to South Mondesia for its declaration of war which was forced upon it as an ally of Amerada in the GMA (General Military Alliance). It will also pledge not to declare a war on South Mondesia for a period of 4 months from the date of the signing of the treaty. The South Mondesian party originally wanted a guarantee of 6 months, but decided to settle on the 4 months offered by the UBR. Prime Minister Peter Little of SM has signed the deal and President Chris Donle of the UBR signed it a couple days later. Hostilities ceased on March 07, 2002 under the deal. The next step is to establish diplomatic ties – a concept that the UBR is in strong favour of doing.

The war with Amerada has become no war at all. Both SM and Amerada are still officially at war but SM’s tactic of ignoring Amerada (Pres. Washburn of Amerada just wants attention) has given SM the real victory – Amerada’s Ezboard has been silent for weeks and Amerada is all but dead, even its only citizen that gives a damn for it, President Washburn, seems to have lost interest in the nation.

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