Upset in Cyberia Election

The ballots have been counted and a major upset has occurred in the Cyberian elections as Adam Graham has defeated incumbent Michael Fors for the presidency. Fors was nominated for election to both the presidency and the national assembly, and received election to the latter.

A former elections commissioner for Cyberia, Graham left the position on August 20 of this year after serving in the role for most every election in recent memory. In a statement released following the publication of election results, Graham said, “To say I’m shocked by the results of the election just past would be an understatement. However, having been asked by the majority of my countrymen to serve as President, I’ll accept that position.”

During his six month term, Graham hopes to avoid the “partisan squabbles” that have plagued Cyberian politics throughout much of its history – a goal now made easier by the dissolution of the party-based electoral system prior to this election.

In other results, Alan Grieve was retained as chief justice, and the national assembly saw a full complement of members elected. Mr. Fors noted, the other four members of the assembly are: Benjamin Farzan, Zachary Anderson, David Catchpole, and David Oatney.

Exact breakdown of voting patterns were not made available by the election commissioner, Jack Santucci.

1 thought on “Upset in Cyberia Election

  1. Two points, Liam.

    One, Cyberia has used STV for years. Parties long have had – and still have – the option to put forth a list, but it’s up to the voters – as it’s long been – whom to rank and in what order.

    Two, I’m not sure what you mean by “voting patterns.” Anyone can look at the Demochoice results, which summarize the ballot transfers.

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