Valencia admitted to full province of Alexandria

Celebrations in Trevoux after the announcement of Valencia’s admission to the Empire.

ORIGINALLY FROM: Valencia admitted as a full province to French Sector

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – The French Sector’s composition has virtually remained the same since the reign of Charles II the Bold (1399-1429) – Baudrix, Valenciennes and Ibelin. However, the Emperor signed a decree elevating the recently gained territory of Valencia as a full province of the Empire, and made it part of the French Sector. With full integration into the Empire, Valencia now has full representation in the Imperial Assembly.

But what appears to be small changes betray a volatile and uncertain political environment that may have a ripple effect across the entire Sector. During its brief independence and under the Kingdom of Victoria, Valencia was largely non-partisan, and little time was devoted to establishing factions or party structures in the country to secure a strong position in the hearts and minds of the people.

However, with full province status attained, the game is rapidly changing – MoDems, Liberals and Socialists are now trying to capitalize on the political tabula rasa and build up support for themselves as the Empire moves toward opening a new legislative chamber and electing a new Government.

And then there is the question of Alexandria’s development clashing with its newest province. A large portion of its residents continue to live at or well below the poverty line. Alexandria’s higher educational standards far outstrip Valencia’s, and billions may be needed to bring its education system up to par as the national budget remains deeply troubled. Added infrastructure investments will be sorely needed as economic growth in the area is expected to increase rapidly as well.

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