War averted between Politika and Nova Roma

The Imperium of Nova Roma today formally apologized to the Republic of Politika for accusing the Republic of being behind the terrorist attacks against Nova Roma which crippled Nova Roma’s General discussion forum. The INR also announced that it has reached an agreement with Puritanian Lord Protector, Julian Starr, to resolve the border dispute over which Politika has had an issue with the INR.

While Politika welcomes the apology and cessation of hostilities, some citizens are still wary of the intentions of the INR, namely one of its citizens, Kuralyov, who has shown immense hostility against Politikan President Bobby, and Puritanian Lord Protector Starr. Some fear that his need for personal vendettas against these two individuals will lead him to attack Politika.

In the meantime, however, Anarchy 21, the terrorist group responsible for the attacks against Nova Roma, continues to be at liberty. The micronational community is currently in the process of bringing the individuals involved with the organization to justice at an intermicronational court yet to be named. Attera and many other prominent nations, and other not-so-prominent, all joined in the condemnation of the attacks against Nova Roma and the Atteran Imperial Government today second a proposal by the INR at the Assembly of Micronations to bring the terrorists to justice. The Imperial Government also stated that it wished for its staunch ally, Politika, to stay out of the Nova Roma-Puritanian border dispute and let the two sides resolve the issue without interference.

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