War between Amerada and the UBR Imminent

In the last edition we told you of Earl Washburn’s threats against Pacary on Mar 31 and April 01. Well reaction to his threats has led to United Bobbesian Republic President Donle finally saying that enough is enough.

The UBR, a Micro-Monde nation, does not like what the President of Micro-Monde, Earl Washburn is doing – limiting the rights of national self-determination for all nations on MM. President Donle of the UBR issued a condemnation of Washburn’s action and issued his full support to Pacary if they should leave Micro-Monde and be faced with an attack from Amerada. Donle then placed the military of the UBR on high-alert and in a comment to this reporter he stated that he was considering placing the delegates at the Amerada Embassy in the UBR under arrest. Donle is also the President-General of the Global Military Alliance. It has become known that he unceremoniously fired Earl Washburn and expelled Amerada from the GMA yesterday. Washburn was the second in command of the GMA. There has not been any comment from the only other member of the GMA, Cumquat, on the issue. The UBR President appointed Peter Little Secretary of Defence in the UBR on the first of April. This move drew immediate condemnation from Earl Washburn only as he claimed a conservative-view person like Pete is bad for a military.

Amerada is finding itself increasingly isolated from the micronational community because of Washburn’s actions and the place is now reduced to a single, regularly active Ezboard forum, known as Liam’s Playboy Mansion (no relation to Liam Sinclair), where Earl and his Prime Minister post pictures of hot women and choose a Babe of the Week. His Prime Minister, Derek McCullough, is of course infatuated with Britney Spears – this alone spells disaster for Amerada.


April 04, 2002: The UBR has evacuated all non-essential personnel from its embassy in Amerada. At the same time, President Donle has asked the Legislature for more war-time powers and has placed the UBR’s military on the highest possible alert. The situation is quickly deteriorating between the two nations. The Holy Serene Empire of Cumquat has also started evacuating their embassy in Amerada but stress that they are not cutting ties, and that they just don’t want any of their people to get hurt if fighting arises.

April 05, 2002: The UBR has ordered the staff at the Amerada embassy in their nation to vacate the premises by midnight tonight or be arrested.

April 06, 2002: The UBR has issued an official declaration of war against Amerada.

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