War? How could you tell?

Over the past week, tensions between Baracão and the Imperial Republic of Shireroth have been mounting as the two nations face off over the fate of the former Tymarian Free Republic. The Tymarian Free Republic left Tymaria in a separation vote held earlier in the week after Tymaria began to nationalize it’s holdings.

In the secession vote, two citizens of the FR voted to be annexed by Baracão, not surprisingly, this was because both citizens were a part of Baracão. When the vote ended, it appeared that the pro-Baracão side of the Free Republic had won, however, they actually never won since the only options open to the Tymarian Free Republic in the secession vote was to become independent or to remain a part of Tymaria.

Baracão insisted that its claim to the Free Republic was justified and pushed to annex it. Shireroth, however, believed that the Free Republic was an independent nation and opposed the Baracão move. Only days ago, tensions mounted when Shireroth decreed a posting blockade of Baracão applicable to all Shireroth citizens, and the independent Free Republic soon followed suit. In response, Baracão mobilized its military and the Baracão ally, Pacary, also mobilized its military in preparations for war.

Yet, despite all these mobilizations, threats, and other useless rhetoric, it seems that we are in the mist of an undeclared phony war. Neither side has gone as far as to physically threaten the other and tensions are dying off as the initial momentum caused by the face off slowly dies away. This situation will be yet another micronational conflict that will cease to exist once both sides finally run out of words and colourful phrases to use against each other.

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