War Ministry reacts to Ocian abuses


Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – The Ministry of War announced yesterday the deployment of troops to the island of Moi Saigon in an effort to assist Ashkenatzi refugees left stranded in the island by the Ocian Federation. Ocian law enforcement authorities rounded up ethnic Ashkentazis residing in the Federation and shipped them out to the deserted island of Moi Saigon, far away from Ocia, in an effort to “rightfully avenge those lost in the Ashkenatzi war that ravaged so many lives.”

Leaked government memos reveal that the Government is moving quickly to ensure the refugees are well taken care of. These memos also reflect that senior government officials see this as a “clear policy of ethnic cleansing.”  However, there is serious ongoing debate behind closed doors whether the refugees should be brought to nearby Santander or be given adequate supplies and care while they continue to stay in Moi Saigon.

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