War of Words Heats Up in Hanover Feud

The war of words between Hanover’s current Prime Minister, Kieran Bennett, and his famed predecessor, Robert Gresham, is nothing new for the citizens of Hanover and the many foreigners that pass through the nation each day. However, after Gresham helped lead a boycott that has all but brought to a halt Bennett’s Casino operations (with the last game having only one participant), Bennett took a stab back at Gresham today.

Bennett filed a civil complaint with the High Court today against Gresham. The complaint revolves around Gresham’s comment that “[Bennett] is a fraud,” citing that this comment was “without basis and published with malicious intent and the publication of these claims has harmed the plaintiff’s reputation upon which he relys in the conduct of his business.” Bennett is asking the courts to order Gresham to retract and apologize publicly for the comment, as well as to pay Bennett a sum of 20 Talens.

The case, which is merely meant as a civil suit, may turn into much more. The direct challenge by Bennett citing that Gresham’s words have harmed his business, if granted by the courts, could mean that any future organized boycotts can be easily defeated. This could turn a democratic protest by consumers against a local business due to its business practices, into a crime.

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