Washburn: Amerada is a Dictatorship

Today in a conversation on MSN, President Washburn admitted that he is a dictator of Amerada. This admission just backs-up the claims made by the MSA and RCAA over the last few weeks. The following is the portion of the transcript in which President Washburn made the admission: the user ‘talk to me’ is President Washburn.

Liam says: you’ve been acting like a @&*% dictator trying to limit democracy
talk to me! says: Maybe, I know what’s best
Liam says: I doubt it
HRH Nicholas I, Prez of Amerada for 2002 says: Ooooooooo
talk to me! says: maybe I think that it would be better for Amerada
Liam says: The people themselves know what’s best for a country, not one person
HRH Nicholas I, Prez of Amerada for 2002 says: He’s finally spilling the beans
talk to me! says: besides, you’re in to much of a rush
talk to me! says: try to mellow out man
Liam says: A person who believes they solely know what’s best for a country is a dictator
Liam says: Quote me on that one Nick
Liam says: lol
talk to me! says: call me a dictator, I cant stop you
talk to me! says: it’s hard to call me otherwise

Realizing the gravity of his admission, the President tried desperately to retract it but could not do so. The President made the following comment after, “If I’m a dictator, then why do the RCAA and MSA exist?”
Governor Sinclair’s response to this comment by the President was swift and accurate, “A dictator can allow other parties, but they are severely limited. From recent events, we see that the President has been trying to limit the abilities of the MSA and RCAA on a federal level so that we may never be able to challenge the DLPA or his dictatorship over the country. Amerada is losing its democracy rapidly with President Washburn in control and the people of Amerada want the President removed or forced to resign immediately.”

The President went on during his denial period to accuse the governors of keeping Amerada from achieving democracy – this statement is completely false as the President, as has been reported in previous stories, has introduced legislation that would null and void the RCAA’s and MSA’s chances of winning federally. The DLPA calls it a patriotic bills but the bill that keeps leaders of other micronations from running for the Presidential or Prime Ministerial elections is directly meant to keep RCAA leader Peter Little and MSA leader Nick Bridgewater from running in the election as they are heads of their own micronations. The DLPA claims that this bill is what is best for Amerada – it is clearly a bill that reflects a dictatorship in this nation.

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