Washburn Attempts to Curb RCAA Influence

In an effort to destroy the RCAA, which is gaining more power and support throughout the colonies, President Earl Washburn today announced a plan to appoint DLPA members to the remaining governor positions so that the RCAA will have no power in the pre-senate. This is a malicious and illegal attack on the RCAA. Washburn claims the public of Amerada do not like the RCAA, even though it is quite clear with the recent RCAA win in the New Columbia election that the RCAA is gaining more support and this frightens the already paranoid DLPA caucus. Derek McCullough, a DLPA member was so paranoid and distraught at the success of the RCAA that he demanded a civil war against is own people! What kind of psychos are in the DLPA? It’s clear that the DLPA is not a party to make Amerada better – they’re a party that should be in the mental hospital.

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