Washburn Illegally Manipulates Peace Treaty with South Mondesia

The peace treaty to end the war between the two nations was signed about a month ago. However, the MFP has just been notified by the EzOP that a change to the treaty was made by the President of Earl Washburn. Washburn illegally misused his editing power that was given to him to sign the treaty with by changing the public apology clause in the treaty to a clause that said no public apology must be signed. The moderator of the treaty talks changed the treaty back to its original lettering within a week of the incident. But now old flames have been rekindled between Washburn and Liam Sinclair. In Sinclair’s words, “This just proves what a cheat and liar Washburn is and why so many people have little or no respect or interest in Amerada anymore. The man could never be trusted. First he was rigging election polls in Amerada and ensuring that the most accurate way of votes – email ballots – were outlawed. Now he is rigging international agreements. If there is a black mark on Amerada, it is because he has caused it.”

This is just one more story in a sea of many of the illegal and oppressive actions Earl Washburn, as president of Amerada, has committed. The death of Amerada and Micro-Monde are clearly part of his actions, which have been cowardly and despicable.

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