Washburn Making Threats Once Again

President Washburn once again threatened the Amerada people today. When the AAG (Amerada Association of Governors) was formed weeks ago to create a Senate in Amerada, the President and all governors of colonies present agreed to make the Senate a colony only organization. The President has once again back-peddled on his legal word and is now threatening to stop the creation of a senate to represent the people of Amerada’s colonies federally unless the territory of Canusa is accepted into the AAG.

This admittance, however, is against the agreement that the AAG is made up of only colonies. The co-leaders of the AAG, Nick Bridgewater and Liam Sinclair, met behind closed doors tonight to discuss the proposed admittance of Canusa into AAG. When they were finished, Co-Chair Sinclair made the following announcement:

“First of all, I would like to say to Mr. Washburn that we are not intimated by threats and trying to get what you want by using them will get you nowhere. Neither I nor Nick shall consider the proposal until Mr. Washburn sends us each a copy of the entire Legislature Act so that we may review it. Also, since the agreement that formed the AAG is that we admit only colonies, we cannot legally admit Canusa, as that is a territory, not a colony. The President of this nation should be more professional and not threaten the other members of AAG, for in AAG, he is only another governor and has no power over the admittance of new members. The President has legally agreed to the ‘colonies only’ clause and therefore we will not at this time back-peddle on our rules and regulations. We shall, in due time, reconsider our decision made today when we decide to hold such a meeting. Until such time that we do actually reconsider our stance of legality on this issue, Canusa will not be admitted into the AAG or pre-senate as some call it. Thank you.”

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