Washburn wants Little out of Amerada

President Earl Washburn has made his intentions clear in getting rid of Peter Little either as governor of NC or as a member of Amerada. In an interview, President Washburn claims that Peter messes with all his plans for Amerada. This latest incident is over Peter Little unilaterally creating a new town in his colony. President Washburn makes the new towns himself to be “fair” to all colonies and bases the establishment of new towns on the number of hits to the Amerada website (1 hit = 1 new sim).

In November 2001, Governor Sinclair tried the same thing as Governor Little (taking colonial development into his own hands) and Governor Sinclair was forced to back down by stiff laws in Amerada, or should I say, government policies that are designed to keep the governors from developing their own colonies the way they wish to. President Washburn has refused to recognize the latest New Columbian town and will not include it on any map or fact sheet.

UPDATE: Days later however, President Washburn stipulated to Mr. Little’s demands and allowed the new town to exist. This is a win for all of the governors who are sick and tired of not being able to run their colonies the way THEY want to. Why have governors if the president runs every colony the way he wishes?

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