Washburn Will Pass His Legislature Act

Today, President Washburn has announced that he will soon pass his new legislature act. As his government and his DLPA party were being targeted by protestors for their communist-like policies, the President made an about-face on his long-term, key policy. He has promised that under the new act, the RCAA and MSA, as well as any other federally registered parties in Amerada may run for the Amerada Legislature. This 180 degree turn on the policy of his party shows that he and his fellow DLPA members are very paranoid about the support the RCAA has received after the President accidentally revealed that the DLPA was a far-left party.

The RCAA was very happy upon receiving this news and hopes to make a big imprint in the next federal elections in Amerada and to oust the DLPA and create a truly free and functional nation where the citizens of all colonies have a say in the government.

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