Washiawa Post-Citizen Supposedly Printing Again


After a one month break from publishing stories, Earl Washburn has announced his intention to restart publication of his WPC newspaper in Amerada. For the last month and a little bit, only headlines have been published. He also announced that the new WPC will include stories from all around Micro-Monde.

The WPC is generally seen as a paper that is full of one-sided, fascist supporting stories, but what else is new? At least we’ll be able to know the full story behind those headlines for a change. Also, a new Micro-Monde news agency – The Monde – was announced by Earl Washburn. It contains all active Micro-Monde newspapers. The LATJ has joined so that, if need be, we can convey stories from those agencies. The LATJ still continues to be the only Amerada-based newspaper that doesn’t solely service Micro-Monde.

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