Weekly News from the Tymarian Defence Forces

It’s been an interesting week in the TDF, we gave our awards to past and current members, disbanded a part of the TDF and created a replacement, and appointed a new Marshal to replace Marshal Kuralyov. Here’s the news:

– Marshal Kuralyov was officially relieved of his command as he has left micronations for awhile. The end of his command closed the TYSOG era, as TYSOG was disbanded shortly after. TYSOG is now replaced with the Tymarian Special Force, which will have roughly the same job as TYSOG except it will be severely limited in its methods and will not conduct espionage missions under the current administration.

– Decorations were awarded to Marshal Diga Makonnen (Ret’d), Colonel Peter Little, and Brig. Knight Magistrate. Diga was given the highest possible honour, “Hero of the United Republic of Tymaria” medal for his role in creating the TDF and for his excellent leadership in the nation’s military. Both Colonel Little and Brig. Magistrate were given the “Tymarian Army Accommodation” medal for their outstanding service to the TDF and micronations while serving with the TDF.

– Colonel Erik Metzler was promoted to the rank of Marshal and given the command of the TSF this week after the only other candidate for the position, Colonel Little, relinquished his bid for the command.

– A backgrounder on the Joint Task Force HQ and military envoys has been released and can be viewed in the Public Affairs Forum at the TDF Ezboard (see link in story listed above).

– If you’re interested in becoming a member of the TDF, either as a regular soldier or a reservist, please visit the TDF Ezboard’s Recruiting Office, and post the requested information. All are welcomed to the TDF, unless you’re currently a criminal, or security hazard.

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