Where Are They Now? Gresham

Editor’s Note: 2014-09-04 – Gresham’s real name has been edited out of this article to comply with privacy requirements of our host.

One of the most influential Anglophone citizens of the Holy Empire of Reunion, controversial leader of the Principality of Alameigh, and architect of the first Constitution for the Kingdom of Hanover, the former micronationalist who used the online screen name of Robert Gresham is currently behind bars macronationally.

Reviled by many micronational contemporaries, Gresham’s reputation in micronationalism took a downturn in 2000 following a ‘flame war’ with the Rasinate of Q’attera-Macusiaa (modern day Attera) which occurred via the League of Secessionist States assembly. Some years later, Gresham would start anew in the Kingdom of Hanover, of which he was a co-founder, where he would become Prime Minister and a key architect in its early history, including the author of its first constitution.

He regularly aspired to become a macronational politician. To cover up his less than appropriate micronational comments in that flame war in preparation for political life, he demanded that the League of Secessionist States’ Secretary General of the day, Diga Makonnen (who, ironically, was on the receiving end of Gresham’s comments during the flame war), delete all records pertaining to the incident. Similar requests were made to Internet Service Providers that hosted websites associating his name with micronationalism.

Shying away from micronationalism in 2004, Gresham would lure a 22 year-old female acquaintance back to his Richmond Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey, apartment under the guise of wanting her to provide advice on an interior decorating project on 30 December 2004. While waiting for him to complete some work in his kitchen, the woman, Ms. Sara Driver, turned her back, at which point Gresham struck her with a pool cue. The shattered pool cue would leave two gashes in Ms. Driver’s head, causing her to bleed profusely, and requiring eleven stitches to close.1

Several hours after the assault, Gresham was tackled by police and taken into custody. He failed to appear for a court hearing in April 2005 to answer the charges, and subsequently was apprehended in Atlantic City. At his trial, he claimed that Ms. Driver had tried to attack him with a knife after learning that he had a fiancée; however, the eleven-man, one-woman jury did not believe his claim and found him guilty of second-degree aggravated assault and third-degree weapons possession. The Judge sentenced him to seven years in jail in April 2007.

In July 2007, in an attempt to reduce his sentence, Gresham allegedly fabricated knowledge relating to an Atlantic City murder case that occurred during his time in that city. Claiming that he could exonerate the woman found guilty in that murder, he named another person as being responsible for the crime. His claims were discredited when it was discovered that the person he claimed to have committed the murder was already in jail at the time.

According to the Home News Tribune, the fabrication was just the latest of many by Gresham, who has claimed to hold relation to Charlemagne and eighteen US Presidents, to be an investment banker, a singer, an enforcer for the mob who had to show a “guy (Ms. Driver) the business end of a (pool cue)”2 and a wounded war veteran with connections to the Irish Republican Army. The Tribune did not know of his micronational connection.

Reaction to the news of Gresham’s behaviour on the micronational level was limited given that many of his contemporaries are no longer active participants in the community. One member of Micro-Nations.com, George Cruickshank of Atlantium, quipped, “an habitual liar who claims descent from European royalty. He certainly has the appropriate micronational qualifications.”3

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  1. The Appellate Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey heard Gresham’s appeal on his conviction in 2009 and affirmed the Lower Court’s Decision. At the following link, a more indepth account of his offence, and his subsequent defence, is available for those interested in learning more about the downfall of one of Internet micronationalism’s early participants. http://law.justia.com/cases/new-jersey/appellate-division-unpublished/2009/a6355-06-opn.html

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