Wizards’ magic overcomes Arzan in EMSL

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Arzan and Wizards SC Westmore played out the only match in week 5 of the EMSL, a match in which both teams thought that da-fence was part of da-house [say it out loud and you’ll see what a bad joke it is].

Playing in bright sunshine, both teams had plenty of attacking options as the respective defences seemed indecisive and unsure of their place. The only thing stopping more goals scored was the ordinary finishing from both teams. What shots that were on target proved difficult for both goalkeepers, and with the number of shots on target due to the number of shots launched, a scoreline of 4-3 in favour of Wizards SC Westmore was not surprising.

With a halftime lead of 2-1, the Wizards launched long ball after long ball in the second half, not bothering with the midfield. Some nice passing saw two goals result for Arzan, but the result was never really in question.

A full scoreboard can be found here.

With five matches gone, the Vayelon Firewolves lead with 11 points, followed by three teams on 10 points separated on goal difference; Trishuli Xtremes (+11), Gotzborg Eagles (+7) and Wizards SC Westmore (+5). Old-York United are struggling with only 1 point.

Full table can be found here.

Ernest Wilde
Ernest Wilde is also the manager of the Gotzborg Eagles football team.

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