Women’s’ Rights to be respected: Candidates

Gotzborg’s lone active female citizen, Princess Julia, has engaged the candidates with questions that reflect her concerns regarding the status of women in the Royal Kingdom.

Rising from the ranks of the Foreign Office to become the current Royal Chancellor (the head of the government), the Princess has always kept a keen interest in the issue of women’s rights in Gotzborg. It was a constitutional amendment to make a pro-male clause in the central law of the Royal Kingdom more inclusive to women that the Princess herself tabled (the same bill that eventually exposed the constitutional lack-of-authority of that Chamber and prompted this month’s elections). Indeed, during the voting phase of that bill’s proceedings, as one of Gotzborg’s militarist, Hugh O’Neill, allegedly snickered that women had no place on the battlefield (instead belonging to the home), the anger that flashed across the Princess’ face spoke volumes (editor’s note: the comment was indeed posted to the debate, but ordered deleted from the Hansard as debate had culminated so no further comments were permitted posted).

O’Neill’s response to the question of women and the armed forces was in stark contrast to his comments during the constitutional debate, noting that he now believes that there is “no reasonable objection” to the idea of women participating in the military. The Brigadier also firmly stated his belief that the Chamber should mandate a policy to direct the Royal Government to engage in activities to recruit more women into the hobby, which is excessively-imbalanced in favour of males.

The issue of women being employed in the armed forces showed some division in policy amongst the candidates who responded to the Princess’ questions. Most candidates expressed no reservations as the idea of a woman joining the Armed Forces; however, Blake Palacio noted that he does not believe that “it is right to expose women to front-line duties”, instead supporting the idea of allowing them to hold positions in support of front-line troops.

As for the general question of women’s rights in Gotzborg and micronationalism, all candidates agreed that the place of women being equals to their male counterparts is something that is enshrined morally in the culture of the nation, and should be a policy enshrined in law.

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