Xtreme’s in an Extreme EMSL Match

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‘What’s a defence?’ was the cry on the lips of spectators in a trilling match in which the Trishuli Xtremes won away against Wizards SC Westmore 7-5. In a match which saw goals, it is perhaps not surprising that both defences looked very shaky. Both teams played breathtaking end to end football, and no team will be in the purists books for that performance.

It was a match of many similarities. Both teams lined up with weak defences, sprouting midfield players covering in already numerically thin lines. Both teams found ample time to run it and had many chances to test both keepers. In the end, it was the team which had the most shots that won. The fans go home happy, the sponsors go home happy, but both managers have little to work with for the next match.

In the only other full match played, the two most defensively solid teams battled it out. The Vayelon Firewolves used the home ground advantage to score a tough 1-0 over the Gotzborg Eagles. The goal came from a build-up of play that originated with the full back at the other end. Both teams played smart, cleaver football that will serve them well in matches ahead. In the end though, one passage of play decided the match. For full scores, see here.

The EMSL table is finding a jam up the top, with the Vayelon Firewolves two matches clear on top with 17 points out of seven matches. Places two to four are separated only on goal difference, with the fifth placed Arzan three points behind. For full details, see here.

Ernest Wilde
Ernest Wilde is also the manager of the Gotzborg Eagles football team.

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