Yuri Andropov issues an apology to the Ras Diga IV

“I apologize for the statements I have made in the Babkhan forum concerning the ‘Markle’ curiosity. Our past histories has made it difficult for us to trust each other and coincidental occurrences have raised a lot of suspicion concerning the identity of this Markle. Just as it is circumstantial for you to believe I am behind this issue, it is also circumstantial for me to believe you are as well. I do however feel that we are both wrong in this instance and I offer my apologies for any statements I have made in your direction.”

The Atteran Government issued this statement concerning the apology by Mr. Andropov:
The Atteran Imperial Government thanks Mr. Andropov for his conciliatory statement and is glad to see the spirit of reconciliation and friendship prevail. The Atteran Imperial Government would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Mr. Andropov for its initial accusation of him at the beginning of this mess.

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